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22nd Level Interchange 21 Building, Room No. 2211 399 Sukhumvit Road, North Kloengtoey, Wattana, Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

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VISA and Travel Services

Tour Program
500 Exclusive points for traveling to Spain. Reward is Valid for 1 Year. Redeem points to avail BLS International exclusive services. T&C apply.

Redemption T&C

Reward from BLS International

What is this
Exclusive or Universal Points earned from this business
Redemption Clause
Required balance: Pt 200.0.
Reward from Others

What is this
Universal Points earned from Others
Redemption Clause

  • Points CAN NOT be converted to Cash or transferred to Bank account.
  • Exclusive Points can be redeemed to avail BLS International exclusive services. These points are not valid outside.
  • Universal Points can be redeemed at supporting Partnering outlets
  • Merchants are solely responsible for deciding Redemption clause (Discount).